International Clinic Koh Samet (ICKS)  is the first and only private medical clinic on Samet island. It has continuously developed its capacities and internal process in order to be the leader in the health section with high quality care according to the international medical academy. The ICKS provides up-to-date medical equipments, prompt recognition , warm, friendly and self-contained services. All these are to bring trust, reliability, warmth and good health to people of Samet island and visitors.

Nowadays, we are highly appreciated from both local islanders and visitors for our medical expertise. The ICKS now provides medical specialists to promptly take care of you upon request from 8 am - 6 pm and on call service for Emergency condition from 6 pm to 12 pm .

Moreover, our International Department staffs will help you with international insurance claiming and assist you with every single thing to comfort your stay. The ICKS treats you with International Standard technology and friendly services.

We also provide English/Thai speaking doctor, hotel call service, free on phone counseling, check up program, cashless service for over 50 insurance and tour operator companies, travel medicine, STD and PEP program, medical evacuation, EMS team, diving certification etc. 

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