Worldwide Insurance Service

We have cashless service for Insurance policy holder (& family) over 50 companies (please see the company lists in the insurance topic) which cover for out-patient and in-patient treatment 

For other companies  

In case of out–patient treatment, you’ll need to pay for your bill and we’ll provide you with medical certificate and receipt in which you can reimburse from your insurance company when you go back to your country. For in–patient, we have international coordinators to take care of you during your stay in the hospital and to contact your insurance company to take care of your hospital bill.

Hotel Call Service 
(Doctors visit directly to your hotel’s room)

We can take care of you at your hotel for your convenience. No need to get out of bed or make a trip to the clinic or hospital. 


In an emergency situation, every minute counts for acutely ill patients. At ICKS, a team of well-trained physicians, specialists, and nurses are always ready to provide timely and effective treatment using state-of-the-art medical and life-saving equipment. Moreover, speed boat with escort team are 24 hours standby for referring patient to mainland, then a fleet of well-equipped ambulances are available 24 hours a day to provide pre-hospital emergency medical care and swift transportation to the Hospital in town.

On phone counseling

We provide on phone counseling. Just call to our Hotline number +66-86-094-0566. The doctor is 24 hours available for answering your questions with no expense.

Get lost of your medicine?

For people who have underlying disease and on medication, it's very important to have continuation of medicine. Just call to our Hotline number +66-86-094-0566 we will deliver the medicine to your room as soon as possible.

Check up program

We provide an excellent standard qualified laboratory which a cost effective check up program. Just make an appointment by calling us at Hotline number +66-86-094-0566 or e-mail:

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